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To find the address of someone or to find out who lives at an address in the UK can really only be done by searching the Electoral Roll records and any other dataset that has Name and Address records.

We have the Electoral Registers from 2002-2014 online and we have a powerful search facility. It's easy to use, fast and our information is quality.

We try to offer an honest service so you should know that the 2014 register is the latest version however it is data that was collected end of 2013.

To search online we are only allowed to show the edited version of the Electoral Register. It contains approx 25m+ records and the 2014 version has an additional approx 15m+ records to increase your chances of getting a match.

What stands us out from others is that if you can not find the match you have an option where you can ask us to search for you or advise you further on the match you are trying to find. This increases chances of getting that match.

We also aim to offer a good customer service so you know someone is there to assist if you need any help.

With our service we aim for:
  • Quality Information

  • Fast Search Speed

  • Good Customer Service

  • Free Help With Search

  • Pay As You Go Service. No Contracts!
  • No Hidden Charges
  • If No Match = No Credits Deducted


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tickSearch 2015 Register. Credits expire in 6 months.

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Approx Age (if available) (25p only)
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2002-2014 Records (50p only)

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