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It may seem surprising in this age of high technology and instant communications, but you can have a very hard time trying to find out where people live. There are around sixty million people in the UK and a significant proportion of the population changes address every year.

Conventional sources of information like Google and the phone directory aren't always as useful as you might think, because they either offer incomplete or out of date data or else huge volumes of information that it's difficult to process quickly and reliably by yourself.

In short, if you want to find out where people live with any degree of reliability and speed, you need to look at other options. You can always investigate the Land Registry to work out who has bought and sold property (but it won't help you find tenants, or people who have never bought their own home), or the records of births, deaths and marriages which, again, might present very old or irrelevant information.

A far better bet is the register of voters that is kept by every council in the UK and collated centrally by the Government. This isn't immediately open for everyone to search online, but you can search an edited version of it using services like A large proportion of the UK's resident adult citizens are on the register and there's a very good chance that you'll be able to use it to find out where people live quickly and accurately. Using you need never spend hours researching address information ever again we'll give you reliable results very quickly indeed.

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People Trace Online - Online resource for tracing names and addresses of UK citizens via the Electoral Register.

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