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Are you looking for a good people finder? UK people and address data isn't always easy to search, and results can be misleading especially if you attempt to find people using out-of-date information. And the problem with address information in the UK is that large parts of it are up to two or three years out of date at any time.

Most people's people finder service of first resort is the phone book. This can be a very useful resource, but if you want to search it you have to bear in mind that it isn't updated on a week-by-week basis. In fact, phone book information is often two or even three years out of date.

So a really accurate people finder service needs to use better-quality address information. There are various options open to a professional people finder: UK Government departments and agencies keep detailed records of births, deaths and marriages, the ownership of property and land, and other information. This can be crosschecked against other sources of address and personal information to make sure that a truly accurate result is arrived at and the people you're looking for are found.

However, if you're just looking for a few individuals, you're almost certain to succeed to by using People Trace Online to perform a search of the edited version of the UK Electoral Register. A fully online people finder, we can offer you access to the most up-to-date edited version of the Electoral Register. That means access to the address data of millions of people in the UK the vast majority of the adult population.

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People Trace Online - Online resource for tracing names and addresses of UK citizens via the Electoral Register.

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